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Pain Science Yoga Life

Bridging neuroscience and yoga for pain care

Pain Science Yoga Life combines the neuroscience of pain with yoga philosophy and practice for pain care. Rooted in evidence-based practice, we offer a unique blend of the science of pain, the art and science of yoga and its practical application. Our work aims to bridge the gap that exists between a person in pain and their ability to move beyond suffering and back to life.


'We all come into the world with a need for connection, protection and a sense of freedom' Esther Perel


Pain Science Yoga Life

Pain is a primary protection response - it is normal and necessary. However, when it becomes persistent it can be overly protective and impact deeply on our lives. Yoga offers us an opportunity to connect first to ourselves, and then to the world around us. When we yoke the two of these together (protection and connection) we may gain freedom from persistent pain. 

Pain has many dimensions and contributions. In the book, Pain Science Yoga Life, we journey through the science of some of these dimensions and explore how yoga can provide a valuable 'container' for addressing many of these dimensions.
Our Pain and Yoga Mandala illustrates these connections.

Pain and Yoga Mandala

Pain Science Yoga Life is a valuable resource designed to deepen pain science knowledge and skills in the use of yoga for pain care. The combination of scientific information, 'Headspace' along with practice sections 'Out of the Head and onto the Mat' & 'Off the Mat and into Life' will enable you to directly apply the information in the clinic or studio.


Who is Pain Science Yoga Life for?


Learn more about contemporary pain science, how pain works, and the emerging science to support the use of yoga for pain care. 

Explore adaptations to yoga practices specifically tailored for pain care


Update pain science knowledge and its different dimensions.

Learn how contemporary pain science and yoga research supports the integration of yoga philosophy  & practices in pain care.

Explore how you can extend your skills to integrate yoga in clinical settings. 


Learn more about how pain works, its various contributions and how taking a broad perspective about pain can offer new pathways to move beyond pain.

Explore practical exercises on the mat and into daily life to help you move beyond pain 

**Please note inexperienced practitioners should seek guidance for physical asana (posture) practice from an appropriately trained teacher

Articles about Pain & Yoga
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